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What is fetal monitoring?

Fetal monitoring is defined as watching the baby's heart rate for indicators of stress, usually during labor and birth.

Define the types of fetal monitoring:

  • Fetoscope: This is a special type of stethoscope used for listening to a baby. There are many types of fetoscopes available, and a regular stethoscope works as well. This can usually be used after about 18 weeks.
  • Doppler: This is a handheld ultrasound device that transmits the sounds of the baby's heart rate either through a speaker or into ear pieces that are attached. This can generally pick up heart tones after 12 weeks gestation.

  • Telemetry Monitoring: It is a lot like the regular Electronic Fetal Monitoring, however, one can maintain mobility.
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring: This is an ultrasound device used during labor and birth, or during certain testing (non-stress test, contraction stress test, etc.) to record the baby's heart rate, and sometimes mother's contractions. It can be used intermittently or continuously.

  • Internal Fetal Monitoring: It is an internal monitoring with an electrode attached to the baby's head to record heart tones, and a pressure catheter to record contractions. This is also used during labor and birth, however, it is not used intermittently.